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Knitted Socks

Crew socks are probably not as popular as ankle and knee-high socks but they have the advantage to keep your foot warm while protecting your ankle. Crew socks are used for sports such as tennis or as everyday socks. Because they are longer than ankle socks they offer a wider area to feature your design/logo.

Crew socks have been designed to keep sweat and blisters away while offering exceptional comfort. Your socks will be created specifically for you, based on your needs and your logo will be woven into the sock.

Knee-High socks are the new trendy socks. While this model used to be mostly associated with sports such as rugby, baseball, football, soccer, hockey, basketball, lacrosse, softball, crossfit, roller derby, it has now also become a fashion accessory, most particularly for girls wishing to make a statement: Knee-high socks are popular in the goth, punk, goth scenes, usually featuring black stripes or skulls.

When it comes to usability, the advantage of this custom knee-high model is that it keeps your foot and lower leg warm while protecting you.

Ankle socks are 2.5 inches high and cover fully your ankle bone (their cuff height can vary from 1 to 3 inches, depending on your need). They are short, discreet, yet allow you to have your logo/design featured prominently on the ankle area or on the foot. Ankle socks are pretty popular and are used in various sports, from cycling to basketball.

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